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Use our tools and checklists to make sure you get the most money for your home.

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Home Value Estimator
  • Find An Agent
    We certainly hope do what these satisfied customers did and choose us. A great agent will help you do everything possible to get your house ready to sell.
  • Exterior Maintenance
    The outside of your house is the first impression. Make it a good one. 1. Plant fresh flowers and plants, remove dead ones. 2. Call a tree removal service to get rid of dead/dying trees and stumps 3. Cut the grass and sweep any walkways. 4. Clean up any garbage that may be laying around outside. 5. Find a place for toys when showings occur.
  • Declutter
    1. Get a storage unit and start putting everything away. 2. Is your attic empty? Use it to store valuables and non-essential items and furniture if possible. 3. Call a junk removal specialist if you have large piles of clutter. 4. Counters, desks, window sills, dressers, table tops and end tables should all be clear of miscellaneous items. 5. Hold a yard sale. 6. Donate as much as possible to good will.
  • Turn 'Your House' into 'Their House'
    It may be hard to put away the mementos, but anything that is visually distracting to a buyer will not help with the sale of a house. 1. Put away refrigerator postings, bulletin boards, and knick knacks that are distracting. 2. Put away small family photos. 3. Store any furniture or items that clash with the house or wall paint. 4. Clean your office, don't leave anything laying around. 5. Tie up and hide cables and wiring as much as possible.
  • Find Someone Skilled in Small Construction and Painting
    Your house has been lived in. There are scuff marks, divots, paint chips, broken appliances, and more. 1. Check all windows for rot, replace the ones that need replacing. 2. Check all appliances and ensure they are 100% servicable 3. Fill in all nail holes and do any drywall work that is necessary. 4. Paint any walls that need painting. 5. Touch up any scuff marks on any walls you see. 6. Do not forget baseboards, crown molding or skylights when you are painting or doing maintenance.
  • Get a Professional Cleaning Crew
    Your house has dirt and stains you couldn't imagine. Only until you start to move will you find everything that needs cleaning. 1. Get a crew that has more than one person. A one person cleaning crew may work for a 1 bed room apartment, but anything bigger will require more people. 2. Make sure the cleaning crew specializes in "move outs". They need to understand that the cleaning job they do needs to pass an inspection, not just look nice for the current owner. 3. Make sure the crew knows how to remove mold, mildew, and other stains that can be found on appliances, bath tubs, toilets and areas that accumulate moisture.
  • Find the Best Carpet Cleaners You Can
    Having to put in a new carpet can be extremely expensive. Getting a carpet cleaning crew that specializes in stain removal will be a godsend when it comes time to move. 1. Ask what kinds of stains they can remove. 2. Make sure they cover: blood, oil, grease, paint, ink, and ground in dirt.
  • Check your Attic
    When is the last time you looked in your attic? Do you have: 1. Leaks? 2. Mold or mildew? 3. Damage from storms that you didn't know about? 4. Lights that don't work? 5. Fans that don't work? 6. Low insulation that isn't up to code?
  • Remove Strange Smells
    Are you cooking in your basement or a room that isn't designed for cooking? Poorly ventilated areas where cooking occurs are the main cause of those "smells" that never go away. Make sure you put dehumidifiers in these areas, run fans if you can and clean the areas as much as possible to get the smells out of rooms that will be unappealing to buyers.
  • Line Up Your Moving Team
    Call your movers and schedule your move.
  • Stage Your House
    Consider contacting a professional house stager. These people know exactly how to set up your house so that you can get the most out of your showings to potential buyers.

Some things to consider before selling.

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