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Packing, painting, moving, storing, financing, closing, and anything else you can think of...we probably know someone who can help.  Search below to find what you need.  

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Your Moving Timeline and Checklist

Pre-Move To Do List

  • Get pre-approved for a new home loan

  • Research areas and school districts

  • Get a Real Estate Agent

  • Find out if there are any liens on your home

Eight Weeks Out

  • Research Moving Services

  • Visit target communities

  • Plan a moving budget

  • Plan to take off work 

  • Discuss the move with the kids

  • Give notice to the landlord if you are renting

  • Start pricing out storage units

  • Plan a yard sale or online selling of things you aren't taking with you

Seven Weeks Out

  • Get contracts and estimates from movers

  • Find out if your personal property insurance is up to date 

  • Book your truck rental and storage unit

  • Start moving anything not coming to the new place into the storage unit

  • Create a list for your handy man to fix for closing/inspection

  • Book the handy man

Six Weeks Out

  • Notify schools of your move

  • Make travel arrangements if necessary

  • Order moving supplies for things the movers won't move

  • Book your junk and hazardous materials removal

  • Find physicians in network in new neighborhood

  • Have current physicians transfer medical records

  • Make a sheet to track all expenses related to move

  • Contact auto and home insurance companies of move

Five Weeks Out

  • Hold a garage sale

  • Donate items to good will, track what you donate

  • Cancel local memberships to clubs

  • Decide what to do with appliances, window treatments and shelving

Four Weeks Out

  • Notify friends and family of move

  • Schedule a car moving service if necessary

  • Line up temporary housing or a rental property

  • Start packing non-essential items

  • Arrange for new home for pets if new place does not take pets 

  • Move everything to storage that you aren't taking to the new place and couldn't sell

  • Confirm date and time of moving company (shoot for a Friday to give yourself the weekend to put things away)

  • Schedule cleaners for move out

Three Weeks Out

  • Schedule service shut offs

  • Cancel/forward paper and other periodical subscriptions

  • Arrange for moving day child care if necessary

  • Schedule a kennel for moving day/weekend

  • Change social security/medicare address

  • Pay unpaid parking tickets

  • Schedule closing date and get closing lawyer

Two Weeks Out

  • Forward medical records

  • Change address with banks and investment companies

  • Take a look at new home blueprints

  • Order new furniture/decor

  • Get a parking spot for the moving truck

  • Schedule painters for new home

  • Get pets a checkup at veterinarian

  • Collect all warranty information and manuals 

  • Request time off from work

  • Pay unpaid parking tickets

One Week Out

  • Clean old home

  • Remove any old food

  • Conduct inspection with landlord

  • Pack kitchen essentials

  • Throw out and recycle as much as possible

  • Finish last minute errands

Day Before Move

  • Pack suitcases

  • Fill cars with gas

  • Get cash for tip

  • Get take out menus 

  • Tell your neighbors about your move

  • Get snacks and bottles of water if you have a long drive

Moving Day

  • Take an inventory of things you are putting in your car

  • Do a final sweep of house

  • Hand over keys

  • Do one last check of the mailbox

First Two Weeks

  • Change security system passwords

  • Change locks

  • Call everyone you know, let them know your new address

  • Update driver's license

  • Update address with IRS

  • Update voter registration

  • Check smoke alarms and fire extinguishers

  • Meet your neighbors

  • Register your pet (certain states)

  • Get the names of good plumbers, handymen, electricians, and pest control

  • Explore your neighborhood

Moving Checklist
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